The BEST Consulting Training Projects are learning actions, their purpose is to develop skills in partner companies. What sets us apart from other suppliers is that this project is not only a singular events, but continue actions for personal and group skills development through learning, practicing and monitoring their results.

The training programs use different techniques, we intend to accelerate learning and group dynamics in general and the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes targeted in particular. The interactivity of our trainings is given by the flexibility to use the best techniques. Among them we include: structured exercises, simulations, case studies and self-assessment questionnaires, group discussions, individual and group coaching, interactive presentations, audio footage / video etc..

Examples of training programs provided by BEST Consulting

  • Developing managerial skills: I.M.P.A.C.T management, 4 Key First line management, Active Coaching, communication management, non-financial motivation, conflict management etc.
  • Developing interpersonal skills: team work, communication, assertiveness, problem solving, emotional intelligence etc.
  • Develop personal skills: time management, positive thinking, self-knowledge, networking with difficult people etc.
  • Develop technical skills: human resources (recruitment and selection, career management, etc.), Quality management (FMEA, 8D process etc, Continuous improvement, customer care, purchasing etc ….
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